HR Consulting Services

The Right HR Managed Services For Your Small Business

Grow Your Small Business with Fluid HR Consulting

Our services take a personable approach to your small business HR needs, without the price tag of a comprehensive monthly package.

HR Strategy & Culture

Your practice vision and practice culture go hand in hand. You need an HR strategy that gets you where you want to be without compromising your core practice philosophy.

Compliance Review & Management

There are so many rules! It’s almost impossible to know if you’re doing everything right. Our Total HR Assessment will show you what you’re missing.

Company Policy Manuals

Is your employee handbook up-to-date? Implementing policies that hold your team members accountable gives you peace of mind. It’s your practice – do you feel in control?

Compensation Analysis

Employee pay goes beyond an hourly rate. Are you a competitive employer in your market?

Performance Development

Performance shouldn’t just be “managed” or “reviewed” – it should be developed!

Employee Relations & Separation

Not everyone you hire is a right fit for your team. Get the support you need for those tough conversations.

Need more information? We provide a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to help you determine if Fluid HR Consulting is a fit for your small Business

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